Free Web Tools

Alexa Rank Checker

Check Alexa traffic rank for multiple domains/URLs in bulk.

Broken Link Checker

Find the non-working links present in a web page.

Browser Information

Find features and information about your web browser.

Bulk Domain PageRank Checker

Check Google PageRank for multiple domains/URLs in bulk.

Cloaking Checker

Check whether a website cloaks or not.

Color Palette Generator

Generate or extract color schemes from a website.

Compression Checker

Check if a web server uses compression or not.

CSV Table Converter

Convert CSV data to html table format.

Email Extractor

Extract emails from a web page.

Email Protector

Change email addresses to a secure format for using in webpages.

Fake PageRank Checker

Check if the PageRank of a site is real or fake.

Google Banned Checker

Check whether a website is banned on Google.

Googlebot Last Access

Check the last time Googlebot crawled your site.

Hex-Bin-Dec Converter

Convert between decimal, binary and hexadecimal numbers.

.htaccess URL Rewrite

Convert a dynamic URL into search engine friendly link.

HTML Encoder Decoder

Encode or decode html text online.

HTML Encrypter

Encrypt your HTML source code to hide it from others.

HTML Optimizer

Optimize your HTML source code file for faster loading.

HTML Source Viewer

View the HTML source code of a web page.

HTTP Header Viewer

Find information about HTTP headers of a website.

IP Address Number Converter

Interconvert an IP Address and IP Number.

JavaScript Extractor

Extract the embedded JavaScript from a web page.

Keyword Density Checker

Find the count/density/occurrence of keywords in a web page.

Keyword Typo Generator

Discover common keyword misspellings (typos) for your search terms.

Link Extractor

Extract the internal and external URL links from a web page.

List Cleaner

Remove duplicate items from a list of items.

MD5 Encrypt

Utility to encrypt any text into its standard MD5 hash code.

Meta Tags Extractor

Extract information stored in meta-tags from a web page.

Proxy Detector

Advanced tool to check if you are behind a proxy server or not.

Random Password Generator

Automatically and safely generate strong, secure passwords.

Reciprocal Link Checker

Check the presence of your website link on your link partners.

Remove Line Breaks

Remove tabs or line breaks from a text paragraph.

Sitemap Generator

Generate an XML, Text or HTML Sitemap of your website.

Social Bookmark Checker

Find a website's information on popular social bookmarking sites.

Text Case Changer

Change text from lower to upper case or vice versa.

Text To HTML Converter

Convert plain text to HTML code easily.

URL Deobfuscator

Simplify and obtain information about complex looking URLs.

URL Encoder Decoder

Encode or decode URL text online.

URL Expander

Expand a shortened URL into the actual long URL before visiting it.

URL Redirection Checker

Check whether a URL redirects or not.

Web Page Analyzer

Analyze and validate the HTML tags of a web page.

Web Page Comparison

Compare titles, meta information, and contents of different pages.

What is my IP

Find your network IP Address.